D-CTF Quals 2016 - Warm heap [Exploit]

Competition: https://dctf.def.camp/ Challenge Name: Warm heap Type: Exploitation Points: 100 While analyzing the provided binary (ELF x64), only NX is enabled. Inspecting it »

mphx2 mphx2


Competition: CSAW 2016 Challenge Name: WTF.SH Type: Web Points: flag1 (150 pts) + flag2 (400 pts) URL: http://web.chal.csaw.io:8001/ I would like »

pimps pimps

CSAW QUALS 2016 - Neo [Crypto]

Competition: CSAW QUALS CTF 2016 Challenge Name: Neo Type: Crypto Points: 200 pts URL: http://crypto.chal.csaw.io:8001/ tl;dr: presenting a multithreaded fork »

IceCTF - ChainedIn [Web]

Competition: IceCTF 2016 Challenge Name: ChainedIn Type: Web Points: 75 pts URL: http://chainedin.vuln.icec.tf/ Challenge Description: I keep getting so much spam from »

SECUINSIDE 2016 - Trendy Web [WEB]

Competition: Secuinside 2016 Challenge Name: Trendy Web Type: Web Points: 100 pts URL: http://chal.cykor.kr:8082/ Challenge Description: Trendy~! Web~ The flag reader is »