33C3 CTF - pay2win [WEB]

Competition: 33C3 CTF Challenge Name: pay2win Type: Web Points: 200 pts URL: The application is basically a system where we »


Competition: CSAW 2016 Challenge Name: WTF.SH Type: Web Points: flag1 (150 pts) + flag2 (400 pts) URL: http://web.chal.csaw.io:8001/ I would like »

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ASIS CTF - Three Magic [WEB]

Competition: ASIS CTF Challenge Name: Three Magic Type: Web Points: 267 pts URL: https://3magic.asis-ctf.ir/3magic/ The challenge looks like a usual Command Injection »

Google CTF - Wolf Spider [CRYPTO/WEB]

Competition: Google CTF Challenge Name: Wolf Spider Type: Crypto and Web Points: 125 pts URL: https://wolf-spider.ctfcompetition.com/ Reading the description of the challenge we »